Solids Starter Pack

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Overwhelmed at the idea of starting solids? 

That's why we're here! We want to take the guesswork out of starting solids.

Our Spoonies purées are a collection of what is considered best first foods for Baby and are puréed to the smoothest consistency. Get our Solids Starter Pack with a guide included to introduce Baby to the world of solids.  

Starter Pack includes 12 purées, each served in a 6 oz., BPA-free container: Enchanting Apples, Peachy Peaches, Sparkling Pears, Going Bananas, Perfect Plums, Organic Golden Carrots, Organic Sweetest Potatoes, Squishy Squash, Organic Greeny Beans, Pretty Peas, Oatmeal Cereal

Starter Pack also includes a full-size sample from our Chewies 7-9 Months menu.  

Enjoy free shipping and a free bandana bib (while supplies last) on your Solids Starter Pack!



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