Fresh Baby Food Delivered.

Our passion is to create fresh baby food, free of chemicals and preservatives, and deliver it to your door. 

Fresh vs. Processed

Boo Bits

Do you have a Halloween party or get together? Let us take care of the snack you need to bring with our Boo Bits!


After I found Café Baby and received our first Spoonies Intro Bundle, I can honestly say trying new foods has been my favorite part of the day! Thank you for making at least one part of this 'first time mom thing' a lot easier!


I initially ordered a starter kit just to get an idea of what my son will like before I start making our own food, but these purees are so healthy, tasty (I have tried them all so far!) and affordable, and Sherri and Jeannie are so fabulous to work with...we may not hassle with making our own! Maybe instead I can use that time to get to my long list of projects that have been taking a backseat.


Stella is six months old and she is loving eating the Spoonies!  Being a mom of two keeps me busy, so I am very grateful to have ready-to-go baby food that is homemade and full of love.



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