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We are passionate about partnering with you to raise the next generation of good eaters. We create fresh, small-batch baby and toddler food, free of chemicals and preservatives, that's always ready in your freezer to thaw and serve.

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Mama, we've got your back. choose from 50+ flavors and finger foods.


Lactation cookies to boost your breast milk supply

We know life is stressful and can affect your breast milk supply. Luckily, we have the most delicious, freshly-baked chocolate chip lactation cookies out there! They contain natural ingredients that help increase your breast milk supply. 

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100% fresh fruit, vegetable and dinner purées

Our baby food is prepared in small batches from fresh fruits and vegetables, puréed and frozen to keep those precious nutrients 100% intact. Pick your menu based on Baby's age and completely customize your selection. 

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Fingers foods for Baby Led Weaning and independent eaters

Our Grabbies menu is perfect for Baby Led Weaning, independent eaters or picky toddlers. We hide veggies in everything. Think macaroni and cheese with veggie sauce, chicken nuggets with zucchini and pancakes with beets or spinach.

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Swing by and stock up

Our store is open five days a week so you can swing by and stock up for the week. Shop your Café Baby food and adorable feeding and breastfeeding accessories from your favorite brands: ezpz, Grabease, Choomee, Big T NYC, local Indy brands and more!

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Meet our Kitchen

We never have anything to hide. Our process is 100% transparent.

Meet our Kitchen

Your baby's food is made in a licensed commercial kitchen.

Meet our Kitchen

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