The Rhodes Family

Tell us about your family (where you're from, members, hobbies/interests, things that are important to you). 

We are the Rhodes family and we live in Westfield, Indiana.  Our names are Andrew, Larissa, Ellie (age 4), Beckham (age 1) and we have a mini golden doodle named PJ. We enjoy traveling as a family, swimming and playing at the park.

How did you hear about Café Baby?

Through a friend.

How has Café Baby made a difference in your life?

I'm a working/traveling mom and Cafe Baby has made meal prep for Beckham 100 times easier and I feel good about the food he eats everyday.

Do you have a favorite Cafe Baby item?

Beckham's favorites are the banana/pear and sweet potato/apple blends.  He also loves the beef stew.

What would be your advice to other parents regarding feeding their little ones?

Definitely give Cafe Baby a try! I wish this was something I could have used when my four year old was little. Such a game changer!