The Kuehn Family

Tell us about your family (where you're from, members, hobbies/interests, things that are important to you).

Hi, we are the Kuehn family- Lindsay, Steve, and Aiden. Both Steve and I grew up in New York. Steve moved to Indiana three years ago to attend medical school at Marian University. I moved to Carmel during the summer of 2016. Aiden was born the following spring and he just turned a year old! Steve has one more year left of school before residency begins. He is also in the National Guard. I’m so fortunate that I’m able to stay at home for now with our little man. We enjoy being outdoors and running. 

How did you hear about Café Baby?

We live very close to where the Carmel Farmer’s Market is held. We started going during the summer of 2017. We checked out Cafe Baby, but Aiden was only 3 months old at this point. I knew I wanted to try their products for my baby as I love the idea of fresh baby food and knowing who is making it. After Aiden’s first bite, he was hooked and so were we. We would attend the Winter Farmer’s Market just so we could get Aiden food from Cafe Baby

How has Café Baby made a difference in your life?

We wanted to provide Aiden with the best possible food and nutrition during the first critical year of his life for growing. I love that the products are fresh and don’t contain preservatives. I’m not much of a cook and I’m so grateful Café Baby has provided a foundation for my son to follow a healthy lifestyle. The options are awesome and usually my husband or I have the last few bites of what Aiden doesn’t finish.

What are your Café Baby tricks and/or hacks?

We love the fact that we can take a little of each container at a time and put the rest back in the freezer or refrigerator for another time. That way we are able to provide balanced meals for our son. 

Do you have a favorite Café Baby item?

This is a tough question!  They are all delicious! Aiden’s favorites are Baby Green Pancakes, Roasted Banana Pear, and Sweet Potato/Apple half-and-half. 

What would be your advice to other parents regarding feeding their little ones?

Let your kids experience it all. I’m a vegetarian, but I would never stop my son from eating meat and poultry. Introduce foods over and over again, even if they won’t eat it the first few times. Their taste changes so frequently and one day they may like it.