The Johnson Family

Tell us about your family (where you're from, members, hobbies/interests, things that are important to you).

My husband and I were born in different parts of the US but landed in Indy at tender ages. We went away for college then found our way back. We love traveling, eating delicious vegan food, and supporting our Netflix binge watching needs. Harper, our one and only kiddo (15 months old), is so cool. Yes, we know we hold a slight bias.

How did you hear about Café Baby?

I heard about Café Baby via an Instagram post from a friend.

How has Café Baby made a difference in your life?

My husband and I both work outside our home and have active lives that include healthy self-care regimens to keep us sane. We also value quality food, but don’t always have time to cook up a kid-friendly meal daily. There was something about the packaged baby foods in stores that didn’t sit well we me, and I was searching for something fresher and that used a freezer/fridge as it’s only preservative. Harper, like many kids, is picky. She will side eye a serving of peas with the quickness. We have found success in serving up Café Baby on her rotating menu!

What are your Café Baby tricks and/or hacks?

I like to order in bulk and kick my feet up with the amount of time I’m not spending in the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite Café Baby item?

We are raising a vegan baby, so we love the Mango Tango and the Mango, Kiwi, and Banana.  Both help Harper meet her daily dietary needs as she is not getting cows milk.

What would be your advice to other parents regarding feeding their little ones?

Live your truth and feed your kid what feels right.