The Frederick Family

Tell us about your family (where you're from, members, hobbies/interests, things that are important to you). 
Hello! We’re the Frederick’s – Ron, Karen and Enzo. Ron and I grew up in Indianapolis and met as Cross Country runners for UIndy. We moved to Carmel for Ron’s job and we love all the parks, paths, and family friendly activities. Ron and I are still passionate about running and he has also taken up cycling. Our experiences as athletes have shown us that how we fuel our bodies can have a major effect on performance and general well-being. We knew we wanted to pass on healthy habits to Enzo, and we were SO happy to find Café Baby when we began feeding him solids.

How did you hear about Café Baby?
I first began making purees myself, but I quickly felt overwhelmed when I wanted to move beyond the same 5 fruits and vegetables. I did a broad internet search for healthy baby recipes and cookbooks, and not long after Facebook ads showed me Café Baby! Sometimes those algorithms creep me out a little but this time I’m very grateful for them. 😊

How has Café Baby made a difference in your life?
Enzo would not have NEAR the variety in his diet without Café Baby. His favorite purees were zucchini and squash - I would have never thought to make those for him. I also love knowing his food is fresh and not filled with chemicals or preservatives. Home delivery adds to the convenience!

What are your Café Baby tricks and/or hacks?
Enzo loved when we mixed the blueberry/fruit purees with the oatmeal. Now that he is proficient with a spoon (he stopped letting me feed him with a spoon several months ago), I am hoping to circle back to that and some of the chunky puree meals to mix up the menu with his Grabbie favorites.

Do you have a favorite Café Baby item?
As a baby, it was definitely the zucchini and squash. As he has gotten older he loves the banana spinach pancakes and the nut butter sandwiches (found at The Urban Chalkboard). But he really does love them! Sometimes I buy an extra to take home.

What would be your advice to other parents regarding feeding their little ones?
Try Café Baby! Even if you like making your own baby/toddler food, it can give such peace of mind to have something fresh, local, and healthy on backup in your fridge or freezer. There are always those days or weeks when life gets hectic and meal planning is a struggle. Sometimes what is quick and convenient isn’t the most healthy, but Café Baby changes that!