The Bauman Family

Tell us about your family (where you're from, members, hobbies/interests, things that are important to you).

Hi, we are the Bauman family- Allison, Scot, and Jackson. Both Scot and I have grown up around the Indianapolis area. We have lived in Whitestown/Zionsville now for almost 4 years. Jackson has just turned 16 months and we also have a sweet black lab named Zoey who is 4 years old. Scot and I both work as Physical Therapists, we love to be active, spend time with our families, and cheer on the Indiana Hoosiers!

How did you hear about Café Baby?

Our family has frequently attended the Carmel Farmer’s Market. One weekend, when Jackson was around 5 months old, my parents came home from the market and raved about this baby food that they had sampled (Roasted Banana Pear), we made sure to check them out the following Saturday and haven’t looked back since!

How has Café Baby made a difference in your life?

Café Baby eliminated a big stress for us as full-time working parents who wanted to provide Jackson with the best start and best experience with food when it came time to start solids. Not worrying about scheduling time to make homemade baby food allowed us to spend more time playing and watching Jackson grow and learn. I am ever so thankful that we found Café Baby.

What are your Café Baby tricks and/or hacks?

We love the pouches that mix a fruit with a veggie. Some days Jackson will eat up his veggies and others he wants nothing to do with them! These mixed pouches are lifesavers! 

Do you have a favorite Café Baby item?

Oh, they are are all so yummy! I think Jackson would say his favorites are Roasted Banana Pear, Roastin’ Peaches, Chewies Pork Chop and Apples, Sunshine Muffins, and the French Toast Sticks. 

What would be your advice to other parents regarding feeding their little ones?

Let them try everything, even if it is a food that isn’t your personal favorite! You will never catch quinoa on Scot’s plate, and you won’t find me eating raw tomatoes, but that doesn’t mean that your child won’t enjoy them! Jackson eats tomatoes by the handful!