Lactation Cookies

We know it's stressful, mama.

It's hard keeping up with all the things, isn't it? Lucky for you, we have just the treat to make sure your supply doesn't dip with the stress.  Our lactation cookies are made with the freshest ingredients and contain natural galactagogues to give you that extra breast milk boost. Unlike national brands, our cookies are soft and delicious and taste like you JUST baked them.


Galacta - what?

Galactagogues are natural ingredients that increase your milk supply. If your milk supply is low, you can use a natural galactagogue to help increase your milk production.


The Story

Cofounder Jeannie's first daughter, Camila, had feeding issues which made their breastfeeding journey difficult. In the stress of it all, her supply was crashing and she didn't know what to do, especially as a first time mom. She did some research and discovered how to make her own lactation cookies, which ended up saving her supply.

In 2016, when Sherri and Jeannie began dreaming of starting a company that made fresh baby food, they were wondering what they could do for Mommy too.  They knew right away that lactation cookies were the answer.  They wanted to support moms who were struggling with their supply like Jeannie did. These cookies are the same that Jeannie made and they are confident the cookies will work for you too.