Mommy's Milk Lactation Cookies 
A delicious booster for your breast milk supply.

Freshly Made

We use the freshest ingredients when making our cookies. You'll think they just came out of YOUR oven. 

Softest Cookie Ever

Say goodbye to dry, crispy cookies and hello to cookies so soft and chewy you'll actually enjoy eating them. 

Delivered To You

We deliver our delicious cookies to mommas all over the United States. Let us bring fresh right to your door. 

Mommy's Milk Lactation Cookies

FREE SHIPPING Are you nursing and struggling with a low milk supply? Try ten of Café Baby Cofounder Jeannie's favorite snack for a boost. These cookies provide plenty of whole grains, fiber, iron and amino acids that are a natural remedy to help stimulate and increase milk production. They also provide Omega-3 fatty acids that are necessary for Baby's brain development. When you're nursing, healthy snacks are a must to help with calories that Baby takes from Mommy. Pair with a serving of fruit for a balanced snack any time of the day. Choose from two flavors: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip or Coffee Chocolate Chip, plus a rotating seasonal flavor! Contains: 10 cookies

Baked with Galactagogues.
Galacta - what?

Our cookies are baked with galactagogues which are natural ingredients that increase your milk supply. If your milk supply is low, you can use a natural galactagogue to help increase your milk production. 

Our Mamas Love Us

I recently received some of the Mommy's Milk Lactation Cookies from my sister-in-law when our family welcomed our newest addition. The cookies have given us the best start for breastfeeding and they are delicious! They're pretty much my new favorite dessert and I love that I feel good about eating them.When we arrived home from the hospital I ordered five dozen - some to gift to other mommies and some to keep.
- Bryana
I'm obsessed! Literally. They are so good and fresh! I was so excited to order that I ordered two bags of cookies. My little gained 3.5 pounds in a month, my milk supply definitely increased and we've created a huge stash.
- Laiken
I’ve tried teas, smoothies, lemonade, snacks, and cookies. The only thing that has consistently worked for me are these delicious cookies. They are large and taste amazing! I was able to get my milk supply up after being sick and it’s all because of these cookies! Thankful for Café Baby!
- Megan
These are so yummy and I definitely feel like they make a difference for my supply. I have been eating them since day one and 7months in they’re still a special treat I look forward to every day! I started feeding my baby the Cafe Baby food too and she loves it.
- Chelsea
The lactation cookies were delivered FAST and tasted amazing. My husband and kids were eating them, so be sure to hide your stash. Also, These were definitely not stale like others but tasted fresh! Increased milk supply - here we come!I highly recommend.
- Ashley
These cookies are AMAZING!! They taste delicious (for a realll treat, heat it in the microwave for like 10 seconds!) and I can tell they truly do help boost my milk supply! Love this woman-owned and operated company!!
- Rachel

The Mommy's Milk Story

Hi! My name is Jeannie and I am Cofounder of Café Baby. After I had our first daughter, Camila, we had a difficult breastfeeding journey due to feeding issues.  In the stress of it all and being a first time mom, my supply was crashing and I didn't know what to do.  I did some research and discovered how to make my own lactation cookies, which ultimately saved my supply. 

 In 2016, when mom and I began dreaming of starting a company that made fresh baby food, we wanted something that catered to moms too. We knew right away lactation cookies were the answer. Using my same recipe, we created Mommy's Milk lactation cookies to support moms who were struggling with their supply just like I did. My hope is moms will take a moment, indulge themselves in a soft, delicious cookie, while also seeing the positive affects Mommy's Milk lactation cookies have on their supply. 

With love,

Shipped to your Doorstep

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