A menu 
for your 

As hard as we try, our kids get picky, 
right? Our Grabbies menu puts a twist 
on your kids' favorites. This menu 
is packed with hidden veggies that 
will leave them asking for seconds. 
Choose from an array of handmade
finger foods and pastas that are 
always ready in your freezer.

Have your tiny humans' meal ready in three minutes or less.

We believe that your tiny humans should be fed straight from the source without the harmful effects of the manufacturing process that strip foods of their natural benefits. Our food is prepared by hand in small batches and stored easily in your freezer. Within three minutes, you can have your kiddos' meal on the table ready to eat.

Cafe Baby vs. store-bought toddler food

All of Café Baby's products are frozen immediately after preparation in order to seal in all the wonderful flavors and nutrients that your child deserves. This is also known as Nature's pause button. We use no artificial fillers or thickening agents/starches. 

To cut costs, commercial toddler food manufacturers replace real food with substances that are most often refined wheat, rice and corn. These substances are stripped of the outer layers of the grain with preservatives and bleach commonly added during processing. The refining of any grain reduces its vitamins, proteins and roughage. Our small-batch toddler food is prepared weekly from fresh fruits and vegetables and frozen to preserve those precious ingredients.

Cafe Baby Fan Favorites

Zucchini Chicken Nuggets

Our Zucchini Chicken Nuggets are packed with protein, organic carrots, apple and zucchini and will quickly be at the top of your toddler's favorite foods list.

Sunshine Muffins

Begin a new day with our Grabbies Sunshine Muffins made with eggs, cheese, tomatoes and organic spinach. 

Turkey, Carrot & Apple Meatballs

Your toddler will love our Grabbies Turkey, Carrot & Apple Meatballs, full of shredded organic carrots and chopped apples all rolled up into a perfect little meatball.

ABC Turkey Pasta

Your little one will love this fun pasta and sauce made from onion, zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant and tomatoes! The turkey packs it with protein too!

Pink Baby Cakes

Our Pink Baby Cakes get their fun color from beets and are sweetened with a banana. Beets are high in iron, promotes digestion activities and blood circulation in the brain, and is also packed with potassium.

Parents Have Spoken

We have a picky eater who won’t try anything. Picked up some green baby cakes today and they’re a hit!
- Melinda
We pick up muffins for baby and lactation cookies for mommy every week! My daughter loves them and so do I!
- Maggie
Customer service is wonderful and the food is delicious! My son loves the pumpkin nut butter sandwiches the most!
- Emily
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