Mealtime Without the Fuss

Cooking something spicy for dinner? Get home late from work and don't have time to make dinner? Kids didn't like what you made? Need to have a quick meal ready for the babysitter? Whatever the situation, Café Baby Meal Boxes are the perfect solution for a quick and healthy dinner for the kids. From the freezer to the table in less than three minutes, you can rest assured your kids are getting a handmade meal without the fuss.

Quick & Simple Meals

From freezer to table in 3 minutes or less. Prepare for those times when you need a quick meal for your kids with no fuss.

Flavors They'll Love

With 7 flavorful meal combinations, Café Baby has been kid approved for taste. They'll never know the veggies are hidden.

Delivered to You

What's better than flavorful meals your kids will love? Having them delivered to your doorstep. Relax momma, we've got this.

Zucchini Chicken Nuggets & "Where's the Cheese?" Mac and Cheese Meal Box
  • $6.49
Cheese Calzone & Baby Bolognese Meal Box
  • $6.49
Turkey, Carrot, Apple Meatballs & Baby Bolognese Meal Box
  • $6.49
ABC Turkey Pasta Meal Box
  • $6.49
Sunshine Muffins & Pink Baby Cakes Meal Box
  • $6.49
Sunshine Muffins & Green Baby Cakes Meal Box
  • $6.49
Vegetable Cauliflower Rice Meal Box
  • $6.49
Fun & Done Lunch Box
  • $6.49

Parents Have Spoken

"I loved the added convenience of the meal box!"

- Pam

"He basically licked the plate clean!"

- Carrie

"These are awesome to have bigger portions. He gave two thumbs up and took a second bite, which is awesome because he is a picky eater!"

- Morgan