6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Baby (Because, who needs more toys?)

Hi there. I’m Morgan and a mom of three. My husband and I spend our days chasing around our 7 year old daughter and 4 year old and 9 month old sons. With the holidays right around the corner, you might be slightly dreading the mountain of gifts about to be bestowed on your LOs (little ones). I know I am. 

This isn’t to say we are not extremely grateful for the thought that goes into each gift, but it can certainly be overwhelming and our LOs can be so overcome with choice that they don’t always play with everything they receive. Where are my tub moms at? That stash isn’t getting any smaller and rotating toys is just time consuming and not my favorite thing to do. 

Families (including mine) started to adopt the mantra: “Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.” This has been used more for internal family giving at my house, but can definitely be applied for extended family. 

What I struggle with the most is coming up with a list. Even with the above framework, family still wants specific ideas. I’m three kids in and we have almost every baby toy that is popular on the market and, if I’m being honest, our 8 month old prefers to play with the big kid toys anyway.

In this dilemma, I have scoured the interwebs for some of the best (non-toy) holiday gift ideas for babies/toddlers and am sharing some of my top picks. 

  1. ezpz Section Plates and Tiny Cup
    I enjoy cute things. I especially enjoy cute things that make my kids grin ear to ear. This place setting brought all of the grins. My son loved practicing with the cup when it came time to move on from his sippy and the material cleans up super easy (mom bonus) and was perfect to take to parks and restaurants. 

  2. Kid sized chair
    Whether you have one kiddo or ten, they love to have space to call their own. Giving the gift of comfort for a cozy reading nook is definitely a must have. My oldest two have their own that they still use (they’re 4 and 7) and baby brother will most likely be getting his this Christmas. Pottery Barn gives the option to customize with a name and their covers are super easy to remove and wash. 

  3. Custom Board Books
    Books are great, but the favorites get gifted two or three times. I have three copies of I’ll Love You Forever and don’t have the heart to get rid of any of them because of the special notes inside. So, consider making or asking for a custom board book for your little one. Pinhole Press makes it super easy to include family pictures, photos of the house, or pets. The possibilities are endless and your LO will have something to help learn who great aunt Sally is. This is definitely on my list this year.

  4. Baby Accessories
    Take it up a step from just buying clothes. Roman and Leo has some of the cutest little boy accessories that include hats (we have 3 from here), bow ties, security blankets and sunglasses to name a few. There’s something for your newborn or toddler and it’s all so stylish! If you are asking for clothes, checking out their clothing line is a must as well. Grandma won’t be able to stop herself from buying at least one cute graphic tee. 

    For the little girls in your life, O Child Boutique is a must. They carry items for both boys and girls, but their girl accessories are precious. The headbands and bows are super soft and again, if you’re on the hunt for a cute little outfit, their clothing line is a must see as well. I’m a big fan of shopping small businesses and these two are some of the best. 

  5. Lessons or Classes
    We are big on gifting experiences now and these are perfect to do just that. Whether it’s  a toddler music class or baby and me swim lesson, ask for a gift that you can enjoy with your LO. You’ll expose them to something new while fostering the excitement of exploring things they haven’t seen before. Check out local swim or music schools, art rooms, or toddler gyms to see what options are available for gifting.

    To those local to the Indy area check out Goldfish Swim School, The Little Gym, My Gym, Gymboree, Village Playroom, Kindermusik, Joyful Melodies, and  Line + Form

  6. Baby Food Gift Card
    I got this for a shower gift, but it would be a great Christmas gift for the littles as well. They love ripping paper, but don’t always care about what’s inside. I was 100% on board because it’s handmade food, delivered to my door and it tastes good, which means my LO absolutely loved it. (He’s my son, so of course good food is a must). Stay tuned for the taste test video. 

If you still aren’t quite sure what to include on your list, need some more ideas, or you have bigger kids to buy for as well, check out What Mom’s Love. They created an amazing non-toy gift guide that is for toddlers and up that has some great themed ideas. 

P.S. Don’t forget stocking stuffers. What is more fun than watching your little sweetie dump a stocking out for the first time? Here are my top four stocking stuffer choices. 

  1. Grabease Silverware 
  2. Bibago Bibs
  3. Custom Crayons
  4. Personalized Puzzle