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How often do you ship?

Is there a shipping charge or minimum order requirement?

Are the purées frozen when they arrive?

What is the difference in the Chewies and Chompies Dinners?

When should I start my baby on solids?

Where is the food prepared and packaged?

What should I do if my order is delivered damaged?

Do I get a refund if my baby doesn't like what I ordered?

What do I do if my baby has a food allergy?

How do I prepare the purées?

How much do I feed my baby?

What is the shelf life of Café Baby food?

How big are your purée containers?

What is the difference between Café Baby and grocery store baby food?

My baby is just starting solids - what do you have?

What is the difference between Spoonies vs Chewies vs Chompies?

Is there a way to sample the baby food before subscribing?

Do you have a store to shop in person?

How long do the lactation cookies last?

Is your food cooked and ready to eat?

Do your cookies have dairy in them?

Can I add items from different menus in the Baby Boxes?

What gift ideas do you have?

My baby is anaphylactic - do the 4-6 months purées have dairy?

How do I move up to the next menu with my subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription?